DOWNLOAD Yamaha Raptor Repair Manual 50 80 90 250 350 660 700

Yamaha Raptor Repair Manual 50 80 90 250 350 660 Online Factory Service Manual

A downloadable Yamaha Raptor repair manual, termed Raptor service manual or online workshop manual, is a digitally transmitted book of repair instructions that is electronically delivered to your computer within seconds. It’s a handbook that covers all aspects of Yamaha Raptor repair.

In terms of appearance, a downloadable Yamaha Raptor repair manual is no different than a printed book you’d buy in a store. However, while a digital manual obviously doesn’t consist of pages glued together along one side and bound to covers, it does have convenient clickable chapters that quickly navigate the user to the desired maintenance, repair or troubleshooting procedure.

Yamaha Raptor Repair Manual 50 80 90 250 350 660 Service Manual Shop Manual

Speaking of chapters, you’re probably wondering what main chapters are in a Yamaha Raptor repair manual and the topics covered in those chapters. Here’s a brief description of content that can be found in a Yamaha Raptor repair manual:

General Information

  • Vehicle identification numbers
  • Serial numbers and model label
  • Replacement parts information
  • Gaskets, oil seals and o-ring information
  • Lock washers, plates and cotter pins info.
  • Bearings information
  • Circle clips information
  • Special tools

Periodic Checks And Adjustments

  • Scheduled maintenance charts
  • Control system
  • General maintenance and lubrication charts
  • How to adjust valve clearance
  • How to adjust engine idle speed
  • How to adjust throttle cable free play
  • How to adjust speed limiter
  • Inspecting spark plug
  • Inspecting ignition timing
  • Performing a cylinder compression test
  • Inspecting engine oil
  • Cleaning air filter
  • Inspecting carburetor/intake manifold
  • Inspecting fuel line
  • Checking exhaust system
  • Cleaning spark arrester
  • How to adjust front and rear dis brake
  • How to adjust brake pedal
  • Inspecting brake pads and fluid level
  • Inspecting front and rear brake hoses
  • How to adjust parking brake
  • How to adjust rear brake light switch
  • How to adjust shift pedal
  • How to adjust the drive chain slack
  • Lubricating drive chain
  • How to check and adjust steering
  • Adjusting tow-in
  • How to adjust front/rear shock absorber assemblies
  • Inspecting front/back shock absorbers assemblies
  • Inspecting wheels and tires
  • Inspecting and lubricating cables and levers
  • How to check and charge the battery
  • Checking fuses
  • Headlight bulb replacement
  • Adjusting headlight beams


  • Engine removal and install
  • Removing and installing exhaust
  • Remove/install camshaft, rocker arms and shafts
  • Remove, inspect, install cylinder head
  • Inspecting timing chain guides and tensioner
  • Remove, install, adjust valves and guides
  • Inspecting valve seats
  • Inspecting valve springs
  • Remove/install piston, rings and piston pin
  • Inspecting cylinder
  • Removing, inspecting and installing clutch
  • Inspecting friction and clutch plates
  • Inspecting clutch spring and housing
  • Inspecting clutch boss and pressure plate
  • Inspecting clutch push rods and drive gear
  • Oil amp removal, checking and installation
  • Inspecting and installing balancer weight gear
  • Removing, installing and checking shift shaft
  • Inspecting stopper lever
  • Pickup coil rotor removal and install
  • Inspecting starter clutch
  • Inspecting starter motor
  • Assembling starter motor
  • Disassembling and reassembling crankcase
  • Crankcase inspection
  • Removing and installing crankshaft assembly
  • Removing and installing blinker seal
  • Checking crankshaft and connecting rod
  • Inspecting timing chain
  • Inspecting crankshaft sprocket
  • Inspecting timing chain guide
  • Removing and installing transmission
  • Inspecting shift fords and shift drum assembly
  • Inspecting transmission


  • Yamaha Raptor specifications
  • Engine specifications
  • Chassis specs
  • Electrical system specs
  • Torque specifications
  • Lubrication system diagrams and chart
  • Cable routing


  • Removing and installing front/rear wheels
  • Inspecting and installing front/rear hubs
  • Inspecting and installing front brake disc
  • Installing front and rear hub bearings
  • How to adjust front/rear wheel static balance
  • Removing and installing rear axle
  • Removing and installing wheel sprocket
  • Checking and installing brake discs and pads
  • Removing and installing front/rear calipers
  • Removing and installing front/back master cylinder
  • Removing and installing front/rear brake pads
  • Handlebar inspecting removal and install
  • How to install the steering stem
  • How to install the lock washer
  • Removing and installing steering knuckles
  • Inspecting tie-rods
  • How to remove and install front arms and shock
  • Handling front suck absorber and gas cylinder
  • Disposing of front shock absorber and gas cyl.
  • Instal/remove front/rear shock absorber assemblies
  • Removing and installing the swing-arm
  • Inspecting, removing and installing drive chain
  • Inspecting wheel sprocket and bracket

Fuel System

  • Removing and installing fuel tank
  • Inspecting fuel cock
  • Inspecting fuel cock operation
  • Checking carburetor
  • Assembling carburetor
  • Installing carburetor

Electrical System

  • Circuit diagram
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Troubleshooting electrical system
  • Starting circuit cut-off system
  • Inspecting switches, bulbs and sockets
  • Inspecting fuses and relays
  • Inspecting charging system and battery
  • Checking the diode
  • Inspecting spark plug cap and ignition coil
  • Inspecting pickup coil and stator coil
  • Inspecting starter motor operation
  • Inspecting rectifier/regulator
  • Inspecting carburetor warmer


  • General information
  • Yamaha Raptor cranks but will not start
  • Yamaha Raptor engine won’t turn over
  • Yamaha Raptor starts but stalls soon after
  • Incorrect engine idling speed
  • Poor medium and high-speed performance
  • Gear shifting problems
  • Shift pedal does not move
  • Four-wheeler jumps out of gear
  • Faulty clutch
  • Raptor quad overheating
  • Poor braking performance
  • Unstable handling
  • Faulty signaling and lighting system

Each chapter contains complete part removal, inspection, cleaning, assembly, installation and testing procedures. Images and tips are provided throughout the manual to ensure the user completes the repair work successfully.

Downloading a Yamaha Raptor repair manual is easy. And no special software is needed to download the manual and view it. Once downloaded, the manual can be saved to your computer, tablet or smartphone forever. So what are you waiting for? Download a manual instantly and fix your problem now!


    • There are manuals for the following models. If you see one missing let me know and I will add it.

      1997-1988 Yamaha Raptor 250 YFM 350 YFM350
      1998-1999 Yamaha Raptor 350
      2000-2001 Yamaha Raptor 350
      2002-2003 Yamaha Raptor 350
      2004-2005 Yamaha Raptor 350
      2007 YFM35RSEW Raptor 350 Special Edition
      2007 YFM35RSE2W Raptor 350 Special Edition 2
      2007 YFM70RSEW Raptor 700 Special Edition
      2007 YFM70RSE2W Raptor 700 Special Edition 2
      2008 YFM25RSP2X Raptor 250 Special Edition II
      2008 YFM25RSPX Raptor 250 Special Edition
      2008 YFM25RXGY Raptor 250
      2008 YFM25RXL Raptor 250
      2007 YFM70RW Raptor 700
      2007 YFM70RYRW Raptor 700 GYTR Edition
      2006-2007 Yamaha Raptor 350
      2008-2009 Yamaha Raptor 250 350
      1986-1987 Yamaha Warrior 350
      1988-1999 Yamaha Warrior 350
      1986-2001 Yamaha Banshee 350
      1987-1988 Yamaha Terra Pro 350
      2004-2010 Yamaha Raptor 350
      1991-1995 Yamaha Moto-4 YFM350
      2010-2011 Yamaha Raptor 250
      2003-2004 Yamaha Raptor 50 YFM50 YFM 50
      2005-2006 Yamaha Raptor 50
      2006-2007 Yamaha Raptor 50
      2008-2009 Yamaha Raptor 50
      2001-2005 Yamaha Raptor 660
      1981-1985 Tri-Moto 175
      1982-1985 Tri-Moto 200
      1983-1985 Tri-Moto 200
      1983-1986 Tri-Moto 225
      1983-1985 Tri-Zinger 60
      1984-1985 Tri-Z 250 YTZ250N
      1984-1988 YFM200 Moto-4
      1984-1988 Badger 80
      1985-1986 Tri-Z 250 YTZ250S
      1985-1986 4-Zinger 60

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