DOWNLOAD Yamaha Kodiak 400 450 Repair Manual

Yamaha Kodiak 450 Repair Manual, Kodiak 400 Service Manual

Download a Yamaha Kodiak 400 or 450 repair manual instantly. A downloadable Yamaha Kodiak 400/450 repair manual, also termed online factory service manual, is a digitally delivered book of repair instructions.

The Kodiak repair book covers all aspects of maintenance and repair — whether you’re adjusting the timing chain or rebuilding the engine — the repair manual covers it all.

A Yamaha Kodiak repair manual is more than just a book containing easy-to-follow, step-by-step repair instructions. It also contains complete part removal, disassembly, inspection, cleaning, assembly and installation procedures.

Also included are photographs of the components being serviced, diagrams and exploded views. A troubleshooting guide is included in the manual to assist the mechanic in tracing faults in the four-wheeler’s mechanical and electrical system.

Here’s a list of chapters and subchapters included in a Yamaha Kodiak repair manual (note that actual subjects will vary depending on the year and model Kodiak ATV):

Yamaha Kodiak Repair Manual, Service Manual, Workshop Guide

General Information

  • Kodiak identification numbers
  • Liquid cooling engine
  • Preparation for part removal procedures
  • Kodiak replacement parts
  • Gaskets, o-rings and oil seals
  • Cotter pins, lock washers/plates
  • Circle clips
  • Oil seals and bearings
  • Checking connections
  • Special tools

Periodic Inspections And Adjustments

  • Introduction
  • Periodic maintenance charts
  • Seat and side panel maintenance
  • Font carrier, bumper and fender
  • Rear carrier and rear fender
  • Fuel tank
  • Footrest boards
  • Valve clearance adjusting
  • Timing chain adjusting
  • Idle speed adjusting
  • Throttle lever free play adjusting
  • Speed limiter alteration
  • Starter lever free play adjusting
  • Spark plug checking
  • Ignition timing checking
  • Cylinder compression measurement test
  • Motor oil level checking and replacement
  • Air filter checking
  • Coolant checking and replacement
  • Coolant temperature indicator check
  • V-belt inspection
  • Front and rear brake adjustment
  • Brake fluid level checking and filling
  • Front and rear brake pad replacement
  • Shift rod adjustment
  • Select lever control cable adjustment
  • Final gear oil level checking and replacement
  • Differential gear oil checking and replacement
  • Steering system checking
  • Toe-in adjustment
  • Front and rear shock absorber adjustment
  • Tire and wheel inspection
  • Cable lubrication and checking
  • Levers, pedal, etc. lubrication
  • battery and fuse inspection
  • Headlight beam and bulb adjust/replace

Cooling System

  • Radiator checking, removal and install
  • Thermostat removal, check and install
  • Water pump disassembly, check, assembly


  • Carburetor tuning
  • Carburetor checking, assembly
  • Carb adjustment

Drive Train

  • Ring gear removal and install
  • Velocity joint inspection
  • Differential gear check and disassembly
  • Differential gear assembly
  • Differential gear lash check and adjustment
  • Differential gear operation inspection
  • Rear axle removal, checking and install
  • Final drive gear disassembly and assembly
  • Final drive gear checking and install
  • Drive pinion gear and ring gear positioning
  • Final drive roller bearing removal, reassembly


  • Yamaha Kodiak won’t start
  • Yamaha Kodiak hard to start
  • Fuel system troubleshooting
  • Electrical system troubleshooting
  • Cylinder compression testing
  • Yamaha Kodiak idles poorly
  • Poor medium and high speed performance
  • Drive train troubleshooting
  • Four-wheeler hard to shift
  • Shift lever does not move
  • All-terrine vehicle jumps out of gear
  • Engine turns on but vehicle won’t move
  • Yamaha Kodiak clutch slipping
  • Yamaha Kodiak overheating
  • Cooling system troubleshooting
  • Brake system troubleshooting
  • Shock absorber malfunction
  • Lighting system troubleshooting


  • Kodiak specifications
  • Electrical spécifications
  • Engine specifications
  • Chassis specifications
  • Torque tightening specifications
  • Conversion table
  • Lubrication types and points
  • Coolant flow diagrams
  • Oil flow diagrams
  • Cable routing diagram


  • Engine removal
  • Exhaust pipe, muffler and air ducts removal
  • Hoses and leads removal
  • Engine mounts removal
  • Select lever unit removal
  • Coolant reservoir removal
  • Engine install
  • Cylinder head removal, checking and install
  • Tappet cover checking
  • Timing chain tensioner checking
  • Camshaft sprocket checking
  • Camshaft inspection
  • Camshaft, rocker arm remove and install
  • Valve and spring removal and install
  • Valve and spring inspection
  • Piston, pin and ring removal and installation
  • Piston, pin and ring inspection
  • Cylinder install
  • CDI magneto removal, inspection, install
  • Recoil starter disassembly and assembly
  • Stater clutch and pulley inspection
  • Recoil stater inspection and assembly
  • Primary and secondary sheave removal
  • Sheave inspection and disassembly
  • Sheave assembly and install
  • Clutch removal, checking and install
  • Starter motor, timing chain and oil filter
  • Crankcase and bearing
  • Oil pump drive hear removal and install
  • Oil pump drive tear removal and install
  • Crankcase inspection, assembly, install
  • Timing chain and guide checking
  • Oil deliver pipe and strainer checking
  • bearings and oil seals checking
  • Shift lever install
  • Oil pump drive gear install
  • Oil pump and inspection
  • Crankshaft removal, checking and install.
  • Balancer installation
  • Transmission cam and fork inspection
  • Transmission checking and install
  • Middle drive shaft removal and install
  • Middle driven shaft removal, install and check
  • Gear lash measurement


  • Front, rear wheels remove, check and install
  • Wheel hub checking and install
  • Brake disc inspection
  • Brake drum removal and install
  • Front and rear brake pad removal, install
  • Front brake master cylinder inspect
  • Master cylinder removal assembly, install
  • Front, rear brake caliper removal, install
  • Front, rear brake caliper disassembly
  • Front, rear brake caliper assembly
  • Handle bar check, removal, install
  • Rear brake switch removal and install
  • Rear brake lever install
  • Steering stem and checking
  • Bearing retainer removal, install
  • Cable guide removal and install
  • Tie rod steering knuckle remove, install
  • Tie rod inspection, install
  • Ball joint checking
  • Front, rear arm remove, install, checking
  • Front, rear shock absorber check, install
  • Swingarm removal and install
  • Rubber boot inspecting


  • Switch inspection
  • How to inspect a switch in the manual
  • Switch continuity checking
  • Circuit diagram and troubleshooting
  • Starting circuit operation
  • Starter motor, inspection and assembly
  • Charging system
  • Lighting system check
  • Signal system check
  • 2WD circuit diagram
  • 4WD circuit diagram
  • Wiring diagram

A Yamaha Kodiak repair manual is a digital book of repair instructions. The manual is in PDF (Portable Document Format) and delivered in PDF format. A PDF is a file format providing images of text and graphics that looks like a printed book you'd obtain in a book store. And in most cases, it’s identical to a paperback book you’d buy in a store.

A downloadable Kodiak repair manual can be transmitted to your computer, tablet or smart phone in seconds. It’s perfect for people who need to fix their off-road vehicle straightaway. DOWNLOAD Yamaha Kodiak 450 Repair Manual


    • Downloadable manuals are available for all years and models including the following:

      1993-1994 Yamaha Kodiak 400 repair manual
      1994-1995 Yamaha Kodiak 400 FWE repair manual
      1995-1996 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4X4 repair manual
      1996-1997 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4X4 repair manual
      1998-1998 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4X4 repair manual
      1999-2000 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4X4 2X4 repair manual
      2001-2002 Yamaha Kodiak 400 service manual
      2001-2002 Yamaha Kodiak 450 online manual
      2003-2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400/450 4X4 repair manual
      2005-2006 Yamaha Kodiak 400/450 repair manual
      2007-2008 Yamaha Kodiak 450 repair manual
      2007 YFZ450BBW YFZ 450 Bill Balance Edition LIT-11616-YF-46
      2007 YFZ450SEW YFZ450 Special Edition LIT-11616-YF-46
      2007 YFZ450SE2W YFZ450 Special Edition 2 – Black Flames LIT-11616-YF-46
      2007 YFZ450W YFZ450 LIT-11616-YF-46

      2009-2010 Yamaha Kodiak 450 workshop manual
      2011-2012 Yamaha Kodiak 450 service manual

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